Matthew Fuller

Managing Director

Matthew Fuller has accumulated nearly 30 years of experience in Portfolio management. As the Founder and Managing Director of XO Wealth Management in 2016, he maintains discretionary management of his clients’ investment portfolios including both Public and Private investments. The firm has increased to 5 advisors and manages over $600 million in client assets and growing.

Fortunate to call Tom Dorsey a mentor and friend for the past 25 years, Matthew practices the Point and Figure technical analysis methodology of Nasdaq Dorsey Wright. The hallmarks of the methodology are Relative Strength, Tactical Asset Allocation, and Risk Management. Matthew utilizes individual stocks, ETFs, and fixed income in his portfolios.

Matthew earned a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to starting his own firm, he gained valuable experience as an Investment Manager at Merrill Lynch and Wells Fargo Advisors. He joined Raymond James and Associates in 2005 and has maintained an affiliation with Raymond James ever since. XO Wealth Management utilizes Raymond James as its primary custodian of client assets and accounts. The firm also utilizes

TD Ameritrade/Schwab as a secondary custodian. Throughout his professional journey, he has also furthered his financial expertise by becoming an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and Wealth Management Specialist (WMS).

Matthew is an advocate for financial literacy. He authored a children’s book entitled “The Smart Little Saver” and is an active volunteer with Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). Additionally, Matthew contributes his time and resources as a volunteer with the Dallas Stars Foundation and Santa’s Helpers. As a kidney donor to his sister, he is a strong proponent of organ donation and the National Kidney Foundation.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys travel, ice hockey, hiking, and golf.


For over 25 years, Matthew has been a practitioner of the “NASDAQ DORSEY WRIGHT RELATIVE STRENGTH AND RISK MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGY”.

Best described as a "TOP DOWN" approach, the methodology determines the overall risk level in the six major asset classes: Domestic Equities, International Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Currencies, and Cash.

Based on the relative strength of each of these asset classes and the risk profile of each individual client, Matthew is able to formulate an appropriate Asset Allocation Strategy for each client. s). It is not unusual for a particular asset class to have zero or a minimal allocation. Equity allocations also vary widely as Risk Management is paramount. For example, an account may have as much as a 70-80% allocation to Equities at times and as little as 10-20% at other times. As risk levels and market conditions change, so too will allocations. Where appropriate, Matthew will utilize Options and Inverse (short) positions to help manage portfolio risk. The same methodology is also used within the different classes of Fixed Income (Government Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Corporate, Bonds, High Yield Bonds, etc.).

Stock Selection and Management Process